Our Process

Making the complex simple.

  • 1. Design review   

    The important first step to successful and seamless project delivery is the initial design review consultation. Our experienced team will interpret your ideas, architectural and structural plans, taking the time to understand what is required to get the best outcome for you and the client.

    In many cases using light gauge steel framing will allow greater spanning capabilities meaning some changes to the structural steel will be possible allowing some cost savings for the total project budget.

  • 2. Shop drawings

    Once the project scope is clear our Estimators and Building design team will draw your project framing using the latest software in 3D CAD design. This is a critical step to ensure that the design and structural elements of the building are aligned.

    Shop drawings are used by taking the 3D model, and ensuring all minor details are drawn, check measured on-site, and that the tolerances required for all other trades involved in the project are taken into consideration. Special attention is paid to areas including window and door locations and sizes, any concealed plumbing requirements, plaster reveals and parapet walls. This step ensures that the assembly of the frame will go smoothly and that everything will be where it is meant to be

  • 3.Quote shop drawings

    Once the drawings are complete and signed off by all parties, our Estimator will create a quote. This is a detailed outline of cost of the full end-to-end process.

    This quote is then approved and engineering and production can commence.

  • 4. Engineering & production

    All steel framing production takes place in our Sunshine based warehouse. Our experience, welders, engineers and xxx, work to the specifications to create one steel frame at a time, using precision, focus and care to create the perfect frames for your building.

  • 5. Delivery, installation & certification

    All structural frame designs are checked by our inhouse Building Design team before being submitted to an independent Engineer for approval. There are several steps required to receive the final certification which is a Certification Regulation 126