Commercial lightweight steel planter box frames Melbourne and Victoria

CMG Frames designs and manufactures commercial light-weight steel planter boxes for building projects in Melbourne and Victoria. Designed to match your building and your brief, these are lightweight for ease of handling and installation, can be pre- clad off-site to save costly site time and safety concerns, and are able to be installed directly onto the concrete slab – which eliminates the need for expensive blockwork materials, labor, and waterproofing.

A plumbed raised garden bed tub can be dropped straight into the CMG Frames planter box and connected to water and drainage for easy maintenance. The planter boxes can be designed with straight or angled faces, in various lengths and can be installed in single beds or in linked boxes along the façade or balcony.

With a trend towards natural environment focus by architects and clients, building façade designs have evolved in recent years. Elements such as rooftop gardens, large scale vertical gardens, shared balcony areas incorporating natural products like timber and stone, all work seamlessly with steel commercial planter boxes.