Lightweight steel façade framing Melbourne and Victoria

As many modern building design trends move away from brick or blockwork and full architectural glass facades, prefabricated lightweight steel frames are the new alternative. Steel frames have fantastic design flexibility, a green star rating system and reduce the environmental impact of a building design.

Combined with a range of heavy gauge brackets, CMG Frames in Melbourne can engineer a façade framing design to suit all cladding products specified. Our frames eliminate the need for complex on-site fixing of structural steel members by providing a platform that enables many cladding products to be directly fixed to our frames without using secondary steel battens.

3 best façade frame options:

  • Infill framing between concrete slabs in architectural shapes and angles.
  • Façade feature elements where prefabricated box sections can be designed and delivered to site for quick and easy installation.
  • Pre-clad façade frames can save time and money and can be used with a large range of cladding options including lightweight aluminium, CFC sheet, tiles, slit bricks and more.