Light weight steel balustrade framing Melbourne and Geelong

CMG Frames has developed a strong, engineered lightweight steel balustrade framing system to allow builders to efficiently install balustrade frames while achieving all the balcony engineering requirements. This system can save builders time and money. With traditional blockwork balustrades, it takes longer to install and limits access to the area while the bricks are laid and allowed to dry.

Balconies are a great feature of many multi-residential and high-rise buildings. The design gives the tenants access to an outside area improving the experience of the building design and in many cases increasing the value of the project.

In recent years there have been upgrades to strict building codes relating to balustrade heights, method of fixing, strength of materials used, and the inclusion of fire ratings by using fire-resistant materials in certain locations.

CMG Frames can help you with your balustrade design including single, continuous, or curved and custom shaped designs.