Lightweight steel wall frames, roof trusses, floor joists Melbourne

Our lightweight steel wall frames are pre-engineered for the height, load, and length required and can be programmed to include service holes for the electrical and plumbing trades. The steel wall frames are pre-braced in our factory to ensure all the frames are square and true when delivered to site, reducing time and ensuring your project is installed as designed and will not affect other trades throughout the construction process.

Our lightweight steel floor joists are commonly designed to sit on top of the engineered wall frames for multi-level building designs or to sit on structural members such as piers or stumps. Our lightweight floor joists are a strong platform for your specified flooring and for multi-story designs and are pre-engineered using the required span length between structural elements so they can be designed in different sizes to achieve the desired design results. This flexibility in design is achieved through the superior strength and weight of steel frames. All CMG Frames floor joists are double fixed to increase strength and eliminate movement.

CMG Frames lightweight steel roof trusses also have superior spanning capabilities which can deliver greater design flexibility when locating interior structural walls. Our lightweight steel roof trusses can be designed and spaced to support several different roofing options including tiles and Colorbond metal roofing commonly specified. Lightweight steel roof trusses can be designed for a standard 22-degree residential roof, a steeper 30-degree pitch or a modern 5-degree skillion roof commonly seen in multi-level single and multi-residential developments.

Advantages of using CMG Frames lightweight steel frames:

  • Precision engineered to be lighter and stronger than other framing material
  • Prefabricated and delivered to site ready for installation
  • TRUECORE® steel is backed by a reassuring 50-year warranty from BlueScope.