Engineered steel ceiling grids Melbourne and Victoria

CMG Frames located in Melbourne and delivering to builders all over Victoria, specialises in engineered steel ceiling grids. Uniquely designed and engineered off-site, these can solve a building problem, when other commercial applications may not be suitable. Examples such as when the complexity of the shape, access to space to build a grid in stick form,  seismic requirements are limited, or an LGS grid may not be engineered to hold a heavy lining product such as thick tiles or split bricks.

Using our precision design software we can design, engineer, and manufacture the frames into sections that can be transported to site and bolted together and lifted into place. The only limitations are ensuring the frames remain transportable and the site access and method of handling.

3 Best Ceiling Grid Designs:

  • Angled ceiling grids can be manufactured in easy to handle sections and bolted together on-site at ground level.
  • Ceiling grid frames can be clad on the ground and lifted into place and fitted off.
  • Where access is challenging a prefabricated ceiling grid frame may reduce the need for on-site scaffolding making installation quicker and more cost-effective.