• LocationNunawading VIC
  • BuilderKANE Constructions - With Architects Kersten Thompson Architects & BKK Architects
  • Statuscompleted

Transforming Whitehorse Performing Arts Centre with lightweight steel façade and brickslip cladding systems

The recently completed redevelopment of the Whitehorse Performing Arts Centre in Nunawading is a testament to modern architecture and sustainable design. At the heart of this transformation is the innovative Lightweight Steel Façade designed and engineered by CMG Frames, constructed using Truecore steel. This lightweight façade not only enhances the Centre's aesthetics but also serves a dual purpose by acting as a sound shell for outdoor events, creating a harmonious blend of form and function.

Environmentally sustainable design

The Whitehorse Performing Arts Centre redevelopment prioritizes environmental sustainability. Its eco-friendly features include a 203-seat indoor theatre designed to minimize energy consumption and waste production. The building's modern exterior design complements this ethos, with its curved façade showcasing the forward-thinking architectural approach.

Collaborative expertise

CMG Frames collaborated seamlessly with KANE Constructions and Melbourne Masonry to bring this project to life. Leveraging state-of-the-art 3D modeling, CMG Frames meticulously considered every design element, from the connecting brackets to waterproofing the façade and interior design elements. This meticulous planning ensured the successful execution of the project.

Efficiency and innovation

A highlight of the project was the pre-fabricated lightweight steel façade system, comprising nearly 25 tonnes of Truecore steel. This innovative approach allowed for efficient installation, significantly reducing the need for scaffolding and maintaining access to the building. As a result, the project was completed on time and within budget, reflecting CMG Frames' commitment to delivering excellence.

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