Lightweight Steel Framing – The Benefits of In-house Melbourne Shop Drawing & Design

The design process for any build using lightweight steel framing is one of the most important steps in the project. Throughout the design process, architectural drawings are transitioned into full manufacturing and installation drawings in both 2D and 3D utilised by everyone on site to maintain an accurate master document for all trades. Any deviation from the master copy can result in an array of issues that are only realisable when it may be too late to fix without extra site labour and expenses.

CMG Frames understand this process and have made it a key point to employ expert detailers to create all drawings in house. Some lightweight steel framing manufacturers in Melbourne use external detailers & drafts people overseas, this may be a cost effective option in the beginning however amending designs and making small changes to drawings can result in a lot of wasted time and this can end up costing more money than the initial up front saving.

When designing Lightweight Steel Roof Trusses using Truecore Steel framing to engineers specifications for correct spans, spacings and loading points it is important to use in-house design and drafting employees to accurately and efficiently create the design without multiple reviews with overseas external sources that may not be prioritising your design.

When designing prefabricated steel framing it is important to 3D model the build to ensure all design elements are accounted for. It could be a lightweight steel cladding framing build up, a gap left in wall junction for fire rated plaster, a shower niche, door jamb or window opening. All these small items which occur in multiple areas of a building need to be designed and modelled accurately so the builder can confidently order other materials knowing they will fit in our frames. If all these elements are designed off shore there is a high risk of inaccuracies which if not found can result in costly delays and other elements of a build not fitting in the intended spaces.

When you are ready to choose a Melbourne lightweight steel framing manufacturer make sure you ask them if they have in-house detailers or if they use off-shore. Get in touch with CMG Frames, we understand the importance of in-house detailers and designers.