Why prefab steel-framed townhouses are the future of home construction

CMG Frames is a leading provider of domestic prefabricated lightweight steel frames in Melbourne. As the city’s population continues to grow so does the demand for medium and high-density housing developments. Steel-framed townhouses and dual-occ homes have become increasingly popular offering many benefits over traditional timber-framed buildings.

Our prefab steel wall frames are fully assembled in our factory with all openings, windows, and niches built-in. The prefab steel walls are flat-packed and delivered to the site ready to be installed by the carpentry crew. Prefab steel floor joists and roof trusses are also fully assembled in-house making installation fast and easy.

Our steel-framed townhouses and dual-occ homes are made from high-quality Truecore steel which is non-combustible, durable, environmentally friendly and of course termite-proof. By using steel instead of timber the strength of the build is increased while costly structural steel elements are eliminated resulting in significant cost savings.

Using prefab steel frames minimises the impact of construction on residential streets making it an ideal choice for builders looking to deliver successful projects while enhancing the visual appeal of the street. With our in-house detailing and engineering certification our steel-framed homes are designed to fit in with the character of the streetscape and using architecturally designed facades to improve the visual appeal of the street especially with established landscaping.

CMG Frames is the trusted choice for builders, developers and clients who want to pre-fabricate their steel-framed townhouses and dual-occ homes. Contact us today to learn more about our prefab steel frames and how they can contribute to the success of your next project.